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TCG Market Research Software

TCG Auto Dialler * UNICOM * Nebu Dealers

Tremayne Consulting Group Pty Ltd (TCG) have been providing software solutions to the Market and Social Research Industry in Australia and New Zealand since 1991. We specialise in:

  • CATI, Web & Multi-mode interviewing

  • Data analysis & Dashboards

  • Auto Diallers

TCG are the Australian and New Zealand distributors of two of the best software solutions on the market:

  • UNICOM Intelligence – previously IBM/SPSS Data Collection 

  • Nebu

TCG are also the developers and distributors of their own innovative products:

  • TCG Auto Dialler

  • TCG Toolkit for Quancept

System Design: As well as software sales and support we also provide hardware solutions to run the above software on, including operating system installation and tuning to maintain optimal real time performance in small scale, or enterprise level sites.

For further information please contact us:


Mob:  +61 (0)439 613 176

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TCG Auto Dialler

The TCG Auto Dialler has been designed to work with the following CATI systems:

  • UNICOM Phone (ex. IBM Dimensions)

  • UNICOM Quancept 

  • Surveycraft 

  • OZquest

Specific interfaces were developed for each of these CATI systems to ensure optimal performance, functionality and reliability in your call centre.

The first TCG Dialler was released in 2007 after 3 years of development and testing to provide the key features of the SPSS dialer for Quancept, but at a significantly lower initial set-up and ongoing costs.   Given the architecture we implemented we have been able to constantly improve the product over the years in response to researcher’s requests for further functionality.

Key features of the TCG Dialler are:

  • Scalable from 10 users to 96 on a single dialler server

  • Autodial, or power dial modes increase productivity by up to 30%

  • Multi phone numbers per sample record dialling (UNICOM CATI only)

  • Audio playback for ad recall testing

  • Audio recording of individual questions

  • Recording of sections of the interview, or total interviews

  • Local and remote audio monitoring with conference call functionality

  • Reliable and proven system with almost no down time since 2006

  • We can tailor the dialler system to suit particular client needs

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UNICOM Intelligence Products

We provide the full range of market and social research data collection and analysis products from UNICOM.

The UNICOM Intelligence suite of products helps survey and market researchers gain a deeper understanding of people's attitudes, preferences and opinions. These products help you through the entire research process - from survey design and data collection to data management and clear, timely reporting.

Available for on-cloud or on-premise deployment, the UNICOM Intelligence suite enables you to author and manage surveys in a variety of forms - paper, telephone, web and multi-mode. There is a powerful and easy to use questionnaire authoring GUI platform for all your needs.

Contact us for more information on these products:

  • Author 

  • Author Professional 

  • CATI Phone Interviews 

  • Web Interviews 

  • CAPI Interviewer Desktop 

  • Data Entry 

  • Survey Reporter 

  • Survey Reporter Dev Kit 

  • Survey Reporter Professional 

  • Survey Reporter Publisher

  • Remote Administration 

Our products are top of the line. Contact us to learn more.

Contact Us

Interested in more information on TCG Dialers, UNICOM or Nebu market research software?  Email of call us.  Details below:
Tremayne Consulting Group Pty Ltd.

St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

+61 (0)439 613 176

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Nebu Market Research Software

Nebu provides a suite of powerful marketing research tools. Nebu Dub InterViewer is one of the most flexible data collection software available on the market. The tool allows creating custom marketing research concepts like NPS, Brand Sentiment and much more. 

Key benefits of Nebu Dub InterViewer:

  • Create and manage CATI, online, mobile surveys of any complexity level directly from one platform

  • Use mixed mode and multi-mode interviewing to increase response rate

  • Analyze and recode open-ended questions

  • Provide multi-language support for your surveys

  • Use routing in surveys to increase completion rate

  • Monitor and coach interviewers to increase productivity

  • Manage quota and create sampling rules

As technology advances, the way data is being used becomes more complex. There are millions of gigabytes of data that can enrich your primary marketing research projects. Nebu Data Hub, seamlessly integrated with Nebu Dub InterViewer, allows you to enhance insights using secondary research data consumed directly from, for example, CRM and transactional systems, tools, web analytics tools, open data, third party software. This means that you can provide even sharper and more precise insights while increasing work efficiency and reducing cost spending.

Collect, manage and utilize all your data with Nebu. In real-time, as integrated and automated full chain marketing research process.

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